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All around the world you’ll find hotels. Some are really good and sometimes you find really bad ones. But does this all to do with the state of the hotel or is staff part of the bad experience. In this blog I’ll write how to work as receptionist and make sure service will be 5-star rated.

Smile and be positive

First of all, it’s very important you smile to the guest. Imagine yourself as a guest checking in and the receptionist is very bored. This will result in a bad service experience, don’t you think? If you smile, the guest will be happy to check-in with you and will feel welcome in the hotel. Next to smiling you always need to be positive. I know out of experience this can be hard sometimes, but this will help you a lot in your career as receptionist. Let me explain why.

When you’re positive, at least give your best shot, you will see working as receptionist is fun. Every guest is different and some guests will complain. But wonder yourself, does this complain has something to do with me? No, it does not. At least if you have found the best solution for your guest. In one of my future blogs I’ll write more about complaints and how to solve them. When I have published it, I’ll show it over here.

When you think negative about your work, you must think if this is the ideal job for you. Sometimes it might be better to work in a different brand of hotel or maybe another branch.

Main tasks

Before applying for the function as receptionist, keep in mind there are different main tasks for a receptionist. Keep in mind they can be different in every hotel, but they must be look like this:


Every company have their own dresscode. This means at the front office everybody looks the same. The hotel will provide your work outfit. In most cases, you must buy your own shoes

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